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Families are complex microcosms. Whenever you put a group of different people together, personalities will have a hard time meshing perfectly, without conflicts or disagreements. Families are also the catalyst for important and challenging life events, like a new birth, or raising teens.

Jennifer Chokemesil Marriage and Family Therapist offers family counseling services in the Rolling Hills Estates, CA, area to help.

When you need guidance or just someone to talk to, I'll be there for you.

What I Do

As a family therapist, I have experience helping everyone in the family with different experiences. In a broad sense, I focus on relational and interpersonal dynamics between families and couples. To be more specific, I specialize in:

  • Traumatic events
  • Childhood issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

I understand that every person I see is going through different circumstances and challenges, so it's hard to narrow down everything I can help with.

Whether you're a new mother suffering from stress or post-partum depression or you're a spouse who struggles to communicate with your partner, I can help. If you worry about your teen's mental state, or your child has suffered a traumatic experience, I know how to help you and them work through the issue.

Why I Do What I Do

My role as a family therapist is to create a safe, comfortable environment for you to have someone to talk to. My goal is to help you learn more about yourself, and I am dedicated to providing you with the best recovery chance possible. I care about my clients and I want to help you heal and grow into a new person.

I have a Master's Degree in counseling psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy, and I have clinical experience helping everyone from opiate addicts to people who suffer from PTSD. My practice has been around since 2014, so I rely on my years of experience to assist you. If you or anyone in your family needs help, contact me today at (310) 808-3719.

​​​Jennifer Chokemesil

Family Counseling in Rolling Hills Estates, CA

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